Thursday, August 23, 2012

To-do list, Trainings, & Students.....Oh My!!

I feel like I've been such a bad blogger! But with staff developments going on, school starting up, my to-do list that is STILL a mile long....there's just no time!

I did have a few minutes today because we have "Meet The Teacher" tonight. Since faculty is required to stay 2 additional hours for MTT, we have 2 hours of our day that we can do as we please. I elected to come in later ;-).

My classroom is mostly complete. Just a few things here and there and a good cleaning is all it needs.
I will be posting pictures of my completed classroom after MTT tonight. So look forward to that post by the weekend.

I'm excited to meet some new faces tonight and get a little glimpse into some of my students! This is also my first year that I haven't had a student come to me with a behavior intervention plan (BIP)!
So I'm very excited for that.

I'm off to start getting ready for my day, but as I leave, I want to ask a question:
Evidently, Office Depot has followed suit like Staples and started limiting teachers to the number of sale items they could purchase. Teachers were allowed to buy 30 of the penny deals and the 0.25 deals, etc. Now from what I understand the teachers can buy 2 extra of the items with a limit. (Spirals are .01 limit 3, teachers can get 5)
This change was just made within the last week or so. From what I've heard, parents and other customers were very upset that there were no supplies left for them to purchase by the time they came to shop because teachers had wiped the stores out. I even heard there was a fight between a parent and a teacher! Yikes!
So, with all that being said.....are we teachers REALLY that ruthless? To the point that a store has to change their policy in the middle of BTS season?? I know we always say "the supplies are not for us, they're for our students", but I really think we need to self reflect. Hearing all of this has been eye opening for me. I know what I'm guilty of when it comes to shopping for my students. I always have things left over at the end of each year and I always stock up at the beginning. And it's not necessary. Some parents actually buy supplies for their child.
I want to hear your thoughts on this. How do you feel about this change? Is it warranted because of complaints? Or is it just another store not supporting teachers?

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