Tuesday, August 7, 2012

....And so it begins!

Well.....began is what I should say!

Yesterday was the first day that teachers could enter their classrooms at my school. Honestly, I expected shock and awe. Our custodians (such AWESOME people by the way) are notorious for leaving our classrooms in disarray once they've been cleaned. Which, I get. As I mentioned in a previous post, they take everything out of every room on a hallway and just go through to clean each room. Then they put everything back. Our custodians are not focused on where each item is supposed to be, they just want to get the stuff in a room and move on to their next task.

So needless to say, I expected furniture to be everywhere, broken items, and anything else imaginable.

Here's what my room looked like when I left:
Here's what it looked like when I arrived:
From the door, looking left.
From the door, looking straight ahead.
From a corner of the room, looking towards the entire room

Ignore the poor picture quality. I forgot my camera and I only had my cell phone. Plus the a/c hadn't been turned on, so I left the lights off to stay cool while working.

I'd forgotten that I got rid of a lot of stuff, you know "less is more." I was very surprised when I walked in. All of the small furniture was in the middle of the room, and all of my big furniture had been put BACK IN ITS PLACE!!! Our custodians did a wonderful job. I'll have to make sure to bring them something to say "Thanks" before school starts.

So here's what I'm working with.

I moved all of the furniture Monday and I was able to start decorating today. I was also able to clean out my closets with my manipulatives and put them on their respective shelves.

Look for more classroom updates coming soon!

Happy Blogging!

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