Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Deals & Steals

As I gear up for another successful school year, I find myself gravitating towards the school supply aisle (as much as I try to fight it!)
A few teachers that I know have claimed they are in denial until mid-August. Here in Texas, most teachers return to work between August 14 --August 20, depending on the district. My first "official" day back is August 14. However, I've been asked to attend a few leadership meetings as well as a few staff developments before the 14th.
Anyways, the purpose of this post is to share with you a few deals & steals that I've come across while preparing for the school year.

 A little bit of everything.

First up: My FriXion pens and highlighters!
I came across these pens a few years ago from my 2nd grade team leader. She bought them as a gift for all of the teachers during Christmas time. I loved how these pens wrote and ERASED! This was the only pen that erased ALL of the markings made when writing.
I've seen other bloggers rave about these pens, but hated the fact that they had to take the pen "top" off in order to erase. Well.......these particular FriXion pens are retractable! 
No need to take the top off, simply turn it over and erase. I've never used the highlighters, but I'm anxious to see how well they do. Once my Erin Condren teacher planner arrives, I'll put them to good use.

Also in this photo is a picture of my ProStapler. This is by far the best stapler I've come across. It staples with ease and I never have any issues with it. I have my old one from last year, but it was blue and I just couldn't pass up getting my favorite stapler in my favorite color.
Oh, and these items weren't really a deal or a steal but more of a splurge purchase.

Next: Composition Notebooks. These bad boys are on sale for .25 (limit 3) at Office Depot. I found out today that teachers are able to purchase 4x the limit on Back-to-School items. So if the limit is 3 normally, then teachers are able to purchase 12.
Each student has a minimum of 3 composition notebooks. We use them as Math Journals, Science & Social Studies Journals, and Writer's Workshop Journals. I tend to use the "primary" journals (blank on top half, lines on bottom half) for Reading Response. I think I had enough of them left over from last year, so I don't need to purchase anymore.
I have to say, I'm REALLY lucky with my school. We have a teacher store within the campus. Usually any supplies we need for our classroom we can have, all we have to do is ask. My principal is usually very good with ordering supplies if it's something thats not in stock. I do ask for these journals at the beginning of the school year, I just get frowns when I ask for 60+. I pick up the slack when I can.

Sale Item Number 3: Duct Tape!
I picked up two rolls at Office Depot for $2.99 each. I'm not sure if thats a deal, but every other place I searched had them for $4.99 or more. My plan was to exclusively decorate my classroom in these colors.
That's not gonna happen.
Nope, not at all.
I am going to use the tape to "hide" my computer and cable cords that I have to stretch  across the room. I tape them to the floor/wall and they stay put all year long.

Last but not least: Poly folders with prongs and paper folders without prongs.
The black poly folders were on sale for .50 a piece. I typically don't see them less that price. Well, I do at Wal*Mart, but by the time I get to take advantage of the sale, the folders have been picked over and placed elsewhere and it's just not worth the trouble to me.
The poly folders were limit 10, but since I'm a teacher, my limit was 40! I'm not sure what our class sizes will look like this year, so I'd rather be safe than sorry. We'll use these as homework folders.
The blue paper folders will go inside of the black poly folders. They are on sale for .10 limit 10 (40 for us!)
Last year, whenever I sent any papers home, they either slid out of the folder or got lost amongst that pile of papers that I was required to send home 2-3x a week. I hope that by putting the paper folder inside the poly folder will eliminate papers getting lost or falling out.
I hope. I really do.

I've picked up a few other items, but I'm not ready to share those just yet. I will soon though!
I hope to link up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her August "Currently" later this week!

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Happy Blogging!

Friday, July 26, 2013


It's been a long time since I've posted. Over 6 months.
Talk about taking a break!
I'm pretty sure "LIFE" happened and I just stopped posting.
I'm hoping to do a much better job this time around.

*Fingers Crossed*

I guess I'll do a quick recap, just to catch up on everything:

  • I'm still teaching Kindergarten! This will be my 6th year teaching and my 3rd year in Kindergarten. I absolutely love Kinder! Just to see the progress they make from August--June is amazing! Plus they are hilarious.
  • My 2012-2013 school year was wonderful. NO behavior issues at all. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the upcoming year as well. Hopefully no students come in with a BIP (Behavior Intervention Plans).
  • This summer I was named "Co-Lead" of our Kindergarten team. Basically, we have 2 leads per grade level. We have a "team lead" for Regular Ed teachers and a lead for Bilingual teachers. We work together to share ideas and plans throughout the year. I'm excited and scared all at the same time.
  • Speaking of teams...I adored my Kinder teammates this year!!! We had each others back, supported one another, shared ideas and most importantly created a safe and wonderful environment for our students. Out of 10 teammates, 5 have transferred and resigned to teach at different schools. I'm really gonna miss them. 
  • Speaking of transferring and resigning (see what I did there?), our school had over 20+ teachers transfer to other schools in the district or resign all together to continue their career in a different district. Even one of our Asst. Principals resigned. 20+ people left ONE school. Let that sink in for a minute............... So. I'm extremely interested to see how this year will turn out.
I think that's pretty much it for now. I plan to participate in a few upcoming linky parties, so that I can get back into posting on a regular basis. 
I have kept up with reading all of my favorite blogs. I've seen so many great ideas that I can implement in my classroom.
I also purchased my very first "Erin Condren" teacher planner, so be on the look out for my review once it comes in.

I *do* plan on posting and updating my blog more often, definitely not every 6 months. With that being said, Happy Blogging and Happy Reading!