Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Currently.....AND I'm Back (Hopefully)

I know...I know!!!
It has been a looooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg time since I've done a new post. I think it was September when I last posted something. (It's been so long, I actually forgot my blogger password!)

Things have just been extremely hectic and I just couldn't devote that much time towards my blog.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to update more frequently. You'll definitely see more of me during the Christmas/Holiday Break.

I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade for this month's currently.

Here's mine:

I've been watching the news lately since school started. Just keeping up with current events.

 My countdown started as soon as Thanksgiving Break ended....I'm not ashamed of this.  13 more days until a 2 week vacation. Our kindergarten team makes sure that this particular month is jammed packed with festivities, so hopefully the days will go by fairly quickly.

Tomorrow, I'm introducing paint to my kiddos as we're creating a "Star of David" for our Christmas Around the World unit. I didn't prep as much as I should have before I left today. Oh well....

I'm headed to the Presidential Inaguration this January (insert high pitched scream here____). I'm beyond excited and I get to experience the trip with some great family members. Luckily I have family in D.C., so no need for a hotel, but I definitely need to purchase my tickets sooner rather than later.

I am so ready for this 2 week break! I LOVE this time of year and I can't wait until I can sleep in and watch the Holiday movies that will come on this season. (The Polar Express is my FAVE)

RAK: I've had a few students that have just been through the wringer and back this school year and their families are really suffering. So as I was typing this....my mom and I decided that we would choose a student and make sure they have a decent Christmas this year. I normally give to my entire class, as I will this year, I'm just going to do a little more for a particular student (anonymously).

That's it for now. Keep your fingers crossed that it doesnt take me 3 months to come back and update!