Monday, September 3, 2012


It's that time again! I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this month's currently!
Here's my currently:

I started watching Switched at Birth when it first premiered. I slacked off quite a bit, but now I'm catching up!
I am absolutely LOVING this 3 day weekend!! We've only been in school a week, but this break was much needed. It's bittersweet because I won't have another day off (besides weekends) until Thanksgiving break........yeah. That sends me to Debbie Downer mode, so I try not to think about it.
Lesson Plans...they need to be done...but I don't wanna. So I'm not. Until later.
(The first two weeks of school my team does their own plans, but starting next week, we will collaborate and share plans and they have to be in on Friday's before we leave so we can enjoy our weekend. I think I'm gonna have a love/hate relationship with this idea. EEEKK!)
Still looking for that professional series camera. Haven't found it yet, but Deal of the Day has great flash sales, so I'll keep looking there until I find the one I want/need.
My very good friend and coworker let me borrow her personal laminator ALL summer. (She became our librarian, so she really didn't need it). Well........another coworker and I went laminating crazy and we broke it. It now jams in the most unusual way. So. I have to go in half and replace that laminator, plus...I need one of my own. When payday hits, I'm off to Wal*Mart or Target to get 2 laminators. Yay me...
Finally, I am loving my iPad! It's not new. It's actually almost a year old, but it's keeping me sane in sooooooooo many ways. I can't wait to introduce it to my 26 students. Which....I hope it's still 26! My school was still registering a minimum of 25 students per day last week.....and we ALL know that parents will sometimes wait until Labor Day to withdraw and register their students at a new school.
Anywho....that's what I'm doing "Currently". How about you?
~Happy Blogging


  1. I just became your newest follower! :) I like your idea of collaborating with other teachers about lesson plans. I need to work on lesson plans today too!

    I'm very jealous about your iPad! I want one!! :)


  2. I love my iPad too... I wonder how my life functioned before I had one!

    I have to lesson plan today too, I just gotta get it over with. I'm sure that my planning and your planning aren't quite the same... but planning is planning ;)

    I joined up as your newest follower! :)

    Life In Middle School

  3. I found Switched at Birth during the summer. I watched it in a marathon session as well. Cannot wait for the new season!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  4. Hi! Found your blog through Farley's - this is all new to me but I love that I am finding great, new blogs like yours to follow :) I'm your newest follower and I'll be back often, I'm sure! Check me out at